Here are the best and special services, that we offer to our clients.

Medical room management

We, at Medisilver Healthcare, we has got expertise in all the corporate in-house medical room management. We have set up & maintain medical room with all mandatory medical equipment, such as a patient-examination bed, emergency equipments like oxygen supply, IV, etc. & restorative and pharmacy supplies.

We have also arranged a qualified nurses for working hours on all working days 24/7.
Doctors visits are also available provided as per company requirement.

-->We Provide the services of all the well-trained nurses.
-->We Provide the services of a duty of an expert doctor.
-->We have also arranged Ambulance Services on a 24/7 basis.


Pathology Services

Medisilver Healthcare Services are equipped with a fully automated and computerized pathology laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment, which will provide accurate results.
We provide our customers the best Pathology services to make sure that our customers are fully healthy and happy.We have an expert team of qualified and experienced pathologists and technicians with all the latest equipment knowledge.
Our Major Pathology tests are
-->Blood & Diabetic Tests
-->Lipid Profile & Calcium Test
-->Vitamin B12 & D test
-->Urine & Thyroid Test

All our tests are checkd and verified through a critical process of authentication.

Ambulance Services

Our ambulance are well equipped with all the latest technology, with expert doctors teams, trained drivers, and staff who are been well trained to act in any emergency situation.
Apart from this, you can visit anytime and there will be a physician to attend to you.
Our trained drivers and expert doctor team will look at the problem and then advise accordingly whether you need a specialist or can be treated through basic medicines.

Our Ambulance are Always there to SUPPORT / HELP you in a MEDICAL EMERGENCY.
-->24 Hours Ambulance Services
-->AC Ambulance Services
-->Accident Case Ambulance Services

Pharmacy Services

We work with you to optimize outcomes and improve all the operational effectiveness.

We at Medisilver Healthcare’s provide an evidence-based medicines optimization services, covering the entire journey of medical treatment.
Pharmacy services mostly aims to achieve the ‘triple aim’, i.e are
-->Better quality of care
-->Better health outcome
-->Lower costs

Our pharmacist will guide you through every course. Our department will even call you and remind you of your change in medicines, routine check-ups, and much more.

Your health is our main priority...!

Medical Equipment

Medisilver Healthcare products are ISO 9001 certified and we have been recognized as by Government of India.

Here are all our products,
-->Autoclave & Sterilizers
-->Laboratory Products
-->Height & Weight Scales
-->Emergency Products
-->Dental Equipments
-->Blood Collection Tubes
-->ICU Equipment
-->Medical Refrigerators & Freezers
-->Blood Bank Equipments

Medical camps

We, at Medisilver Healthcare, believes in delivering the best service to all our patiences,As we on a continuous basis arranges the Medical Camps, where we conduct free or Paid Campaigns.
Our main aim of this is so that each and every person shall live a healthy life.

Our Prime Camp consists mainly
-->Obstetrics & Gynecology
-->Women Health Check

Pre-Employment Health

Pre-employment health checkup is considered as the important party of any of the employee benefits for any of the organizations.
As it ensures and also informs the organization of the present health status and well-being of the newly hired candidate on work.

Benefits of Pre Employment Checkup
-->To Maintain Safety at Workplace of the employee
-->Can able to keep Health Record Compilation
-->Effective Cost to Company for Medical Reimbursement

Annual Health

The healthy life of you and your loved ones is the single most precious commodity in our lives.
To protect this, and to prevent or onsets from any types of disease and illness, it's very important that you have an annual health check-up.

With Medisilver Healthcare packages, you can now have the defensive system that will help secure your health.

First-Aid Training with

We, at Medisilver Healthcare, provide you with detailed information and the skills which your adults and children will get during many emergency situations.
Our Best first aid training will help you and your child to cure any of the emergency situations.


Vaccines do reduces the risks of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defenses to build protection and cure from that particular disease.
As, when you get a vaccine, your immune system responds.
-->Hepatitis A
-->Flu (shot only)
-->TT vaccine

Establishing Clinics

A clinic is an organized medical service offering such as diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive outpatient services.
As clinic term covers an entire medical center, including the hospital and also the outpatient facilities.
As most of the time, the medical care offered by a clinic may or may not be connected with a hospital.
The Types of Clinics are
-->Primary care clinics.
-->Specialized clinics.
-->Sexual health clinics.
-->Mental health clinics.
-->Addiction services clinics.
-->Community health centers.
-->Retail clinics.
-->Rural health clinics.

Manpower Supply

Since there are various countries where medical infrastructure is developing, day by day, but as they are facing alot of challenges to provide quality medical treatment to their seniors citizens, due to lack or the shortage of qualified human resources which is been required in the medical field.

Here at Medisilver Healthcare, we ground in as your most trusted partners to supply qualified manpower in the healthcare sector.
-->Other paramedical staff


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